April 10, 1996  Ethyl Corporation

Ethyl Petroleum Additives Inc. (EPAI), and its parent company have agree to pay over $4.7 Million Dollars to settle allegations asserted in a qui tam case filed by Charles Duchek, a former employee. EPAI is a Richmond, Virginia manufacturer of lubricant and other petroleum additives.  The allegations of the case were that EPAI sold petroleum additives for engine oils which it had falsely certified met military specifications and passed specified testing. EPAI had allegedly submitted false documents and information to the Lubricants Research Institute so its products would be included on the Qualified Products List, which is a list the Institute maintains for the federal government.

Mr. Duchek may receive as much as 30% of the $4.7 Million Dollar settlement for having filed the qui tam case.

See U.S. Dept of Justice Press Release 4/10/96

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