June 9, 2003  Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman Space & Mission Systems Corporation has agreed to pay over $111 Million Dollars to settle two qui tam lawsuits filed by Richard D. Bagley, a former director of financial control at TRW’s Space and Technology Group. The schemes alleged in the qui tam lawsuits included, among other things, that the defendant’s predecessor TRW Inc.;  mischarged the government for independent research and development costs; mischarged the costs of fabricating and testing a prototype satellite solar array wing, and misclassified work to cause the federal government to pay for TRW’s private costs for other projects.

Under the settlement terms, Mr. Bagley is to receive over $27 Million Dollars for having filed the qui tam case.

See U.S. Dept of Justice Press Release 6/9/03

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