June 20, 2003  Astrazeneca

Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals has agreed to pay $355 Million Dollars to settle charges asserted in a qui tam action filed by Douglas Durand, an individual who was employed as the Vice President of Sales for Tap Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The allegations asserted in the case were, among other things, that Astrazeneca offered incentives to doctors to prescribe its drug Zoladex, which included illegal remuneration, free samples which Astra knew the doctors would bill the federal government for, despite the fact that they got it for free, and artificially inflating the stated price of the drug to the government, while charging doctors a lower price, knowing that the doctors could pocket the difference.

As part of the settlement Mr. Durand will receive approximately $47.5 Million Dollars for having filed the qui tam case.

See U.S. Dept of Justice Press Release 6/20/03

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