November 2, 1995 Teledyne Industries Inc.

Teledyne Industries Inc. has agreed to pay $2 Million Dollars to settle claims asserted in a qui tam action filed by George Cave, a former employee. The allegations in the case were that the company violated the False Claims Act by improperly performing tests, and failing to calibrate test equipment in manufacturing equipment which the Air Force used to identify friendly or hostile aircraft. The units at issue were “Identification Friend or For APX-101 transponders.” Transponders are devices which are placed aboard military aircraft and enable an aircraft to identify itself automatically when queried by radar signals originating from ground based or airborne IFF equipment.

As part of the settlement, Mr. Cave is expected to receive $500,000 in connection with his filing of the qui tam case.

See U.S. Dept of Justice Press Release 11/2/95

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