March 23, 2010 — Melborne Internal Medicine

Dr. Todd J. Scarbrough and Melbourne Internal Medicine Associates P.A. (MIMA) have agreed to pay $12 Million to settle claims they defrauded Medicare and TRICARE.

The allegations of the case were that the MIMA Cancer Center had defrauded the federal health care programs by billing for services not supervised, duplicate and unnecessary services, services not rendered, and for upcoding. Upcoding is a practice in which a medical provider bills federal health programs for more expensive services than the services which they actually performed.

A former director of radiation oncology at the MIMA Cancer Center, Fred Fangman, filed the qui tam claims against MIMA.

As a reward, Mr. Fangman will receive $2.64 Million from the settlement.

See U.S. Dept of Justice Press Release 03/23/10

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